Here are some of the top sightseeings in Crete:

Historical-Folklore Museum

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymnon hosted in an ideal environment for the exhibition of collections and the historical building of the mansion is constantly restored and preserved. The exhibition present items of traditional handicraft work and folklore art. The Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymno aims to become a contemporary research and educational center for the preservation of the Cretan Folklore culture in cooperation with international organizations and institutions.

Archeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno is an archaeological museum in the city of Rethymno, on the island of Crete, in Greece. It hosts archaeological findings from the wider area of the Municipality of Rethymno, mainly dating from the Minoan and ancient periods.

Museum of Contemporary art of Crete

Is a modern exhibition space of roughly 1000sq.m, which is situated in the heart of the old historical city of Rethymno, under the Venetian Castle and the Archaeological Museum. Its permanent collection includes roughly 680 works of Lefteris Kanakakis along with other works of contemporary artists. The works of the permanent collection are presented in the central space of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, while temporary exhibitions of national and international content. At the same time, the Museum realizes lectures, training programs and collaborations with corresponding institutions in Greece and abroad. Guided tours for adults and children are offered on all exhibitions.

Fortezza Venetian Castle – Rethymnon

The Fortezza is the citadel of the city of Rethymnon in Crete. It was built by the Venetians in the 16th century. The castle is visible from every corner of the town and offers panoramic views of Rethymnon and the coast to the west. Fortezza is open to the Public.

Palace of Knossos

Knossos is the largest bronze age archeological site on Crete and has been called Europe’s oldest city. Settled as early as the Neolithic period, the name Knossos survives from ancient Greek references to the major city of Crete. The palace of Knossos eventually became the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilization and culture. The palace was abandoned at some unknown time at the end of the Late Bronze Age,1380–1100 the reason is unknown, but one of the many disasters that befell the palace is generally put forward. Knossos Palace located in Heraklion city, Crete.

Municipal Garden of Rethymnon

The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is located in the heart of the city, is one of the main attractions, meeting point for locals and a piece of green that offers relaxation to locals. The Municipal garden was constructed in 1925 by the mayor of the city. It was originally a Turkish cemetery of the city but after the departure of the Turks from the island, the council of city took the decision not built the place in respect of dead. However, it is important to remember that before this garden had previously used two other parts of the city to as municipal garden but they were builted. The public garden is home of rare species of plants, a playground, a fountain and a small cafe where you can enjoy the shade of the trees. During summer here take part many cultural events.You can visit the Municipal Garden of Rethymno through your tours and discover one of the most beautiful places of the city.

Reptisland Melidoni Rethymnon

The Reptisland is a great choice for the wildlife lovers and located in the traditional Village of Melidoni, Rethymnon. There you will meet animals as snakes, spiders, iguanas, turtles etc.


Cretaquarium located at Gournes, Heraklion, Crete. This is where your experience exploring the Mediterranean sea worls begins. Come face to face with hundreds of species and thousands of living organisms. Be fascinated by their behavior as they reveal the wide variety of shapes, colors, habits and needs of their own world.

Gorge of Samaria

The gorge of Samaria is situated in the National park of Samaria, in the white Mountains in West Crete. This majestic gorge is considered one of the great attractions of Crete and many tourists want to visit it. But you must realize that it is a long walk on rough terrain so you will need to have a certain degree of fitness and walking experience in order to enjoy it.

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